Models and prospective models

If you are a model, or interested in becoming one, you are in the right place.  You also may have been handed a special card - and if so, I have, (or someone on my behalf) has already seen a potential for you.  

If you are serious about modeling, after reading this page send me a message either by email or Facebook private chat.  Listed below are my current requirements, so if you agree to these, please feel free to contact me.  

1. You MUST be willing to be photographed nude. I am primarily a fine arts photographer with a concentration on the female form - so this is a definite requirement. If you are at least open to the idea, that using means that you will be just fine. Once you are in the session, you may find yourself more comfortable in posing nude that you had imagined. I am very easy to work with. I also try to work in other non-nude shots so that you don't walk away with just nude images. Everyone wants something they can show off to everyone, and I understand this. 

2. You must be comfortable with our work being seen by the public. As an artist, it does nothing for me to do a shoot that cannot be seen.  If you have a restriction on showing your face, I can work with that in various ways and still create an amazing image. If you do not agree to this, but still want to work with me, then you would need to do so as a client and pay for the session ($200/hr with a 3 hour minimum). 

3. This is not a portrait session.  When I show you a completed work, it is how I intended it to look, and may not always make you look "picture perfect." I sometimes use elements of an image to strike an emotion, and typical perfection can take away from that.  If something is REALLY bothering you, let me know and I will let you know why it is that way, or see if it something I will re-work. Please do not change/edit any image once it is given to you. If you need a square crop for Instagram, let me know and I will create one for you. Please do not remove my watermark. It is there to help protect my images from online image thieves.

4. Experience is NOT required.  I train models all the time, and actually enjoy working with new models, so don't let the fact that you are new to modeling prevent you from contacting me.  

5. Escorts: This is sometimes a touchy topic, and I understand both sides of the fence on it - however every photographer is different. I DO NOT allow escorts on set. I have an excellent professional record, and will treat you with the utmost respect - but no escorts are allowed (unless I can use them as an assistant). Males are NEVER allowed on set, unless I provide them as a part of my team. If you are skeptical, I can arrange another member of my team to be present during the shoot. The reason I have this policy is because I have severe ADD, and it makes it difficult for me to concentrate on you when feeling like I need to entertain a third part as well.  In addition, I have had negative experiences with escorts. Some gave unwanted photographic "advice,"  others create uncomfortable environment for the model where the model seems to need to seek approval from their escort before they pose.  Once I was even stolen from while my attention was on the model - so I have my reasons for no longer allowing them.  I am very easy to work with, come with many references and a widespread reputation as an honorable photographer.  If I can't make you feel comfortable prior to the shoot, then the shoot would not work for either of us.  If you are not comfortable, it will show in the images.  I CAN, however, arrange a meeting with you and whomever else you wish to bring prior to the shoot so that you can meet me in person. I want you to feel safe and comfortable, but I must also feel comfortable as well. 

6. Communication: I am very big on communication, and lack of communication indicates a lack of interest on your part. Once we start communicating and mutually agree on a method of communication, I expect a response within 24 hours, and I will provide you with the same courtesy. The best way to communicate with me is Facebook IM, text messaging, and email. Lack of a response may lead to the cancellation of the session. 

7. You MUST be at least 18 years of age. Proof of age will be requested. 

8. What will you get? You will get my session time free of charge, low-resolution images for social media sharing, and ONE full size signed print of your choice to keep for yourself. 

9. Session times: We will discuss this in detail as each session is different, but the first session usually lasts 4 hours. I do not rush my sessions, and don't want you to either. You will be provided with adequate breaks at your request, and if our time runs into a meal time, that meal will be provided to you. 

10. You are responsible for your own makeup and hair.  If I need a specific look, then I will employ a HMUA that I already have a working relationship with. 

11. You are ALWAYS welcome to ask question.  If you have anything you are uncertain of, please ask. If you need clarification of anything here, I will be happy to address it with you.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible, and in spite of the straight-forwardness of the information on this page, I am very easy to get along with and work with. 

12. PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE look at my work.  To the left, you'll see the different areas I photograph.  Take a look so that you know and understand my style, and have an idea of what to expect.  Most of what I do is black-and-white. I do want you to be happy with the results, so it helps to understand my work before agreeing to pose for it.  Nudity in my imagery is traditionally tasteful in style, as I try to separate nudity from sexuality. 

13. I obviously need to know what you look like, so please include three nude images (front, side, back) to show me what you look like. Nothing fancy, nothing professionally taken, and nothing edited done to enhance the photo.  I need to know the truth so I can adequately prepare your session based on YOUR body type and what I think will look good for you.  If you have never posed nude before, want to try it, but are leery about sending nude images over the internet...I understand.  Bikini or lingerie will work as well, but when you share yourself nude, it shows how everything is without support. These photos will never be shared, and you will have much better images after our session anyway. This is only to show me what you look like. 

14. Results: As an artist and not a portrait photographer, I am slower than what most people are accustomed to. I do not rush my work.  In most cases, you will have one completed image from the session withing 48 hours of the session. The complete session may take 1-2 months to finish, and I ask your patience during this time.  

15. Tagging: I will never tag you on an image I post on FB, unless you specifically ask me to. You are also welcome to tag yourself.  This is done for your privacy as there may be certain people you don't want to see the images. 

If you are still reading this, then I likely still have your attention. This demonstrates to me that you truly are interested.  The only thing left to do is to contact me to let me know - and we'll get the ball rolling!  Use the FB logo below, or the "Contact" link to the left to send me a message.